WILLS JEWELLERY【Natural South Sea Gold Pearl Series~ Look more noble in skirts and gowns】

The Bride’s Joy: Pairing the Dress with Gold Pearls <br> First of all, congratulations to fan Crystal on your happy wedding, and thank you for sharing your precious wedding messages with everyone!

In fact, many brides-to-be like to wear appropriate and appropriate jewelry for different wedding attires on the Big Day. When wearing traditional skirts and jackets, besides pure gold items, are there any other more fashionable options? Fan Crystal chose natural South Sea gold pearl and diamond earrings instead of traditional pure gold earrings. This combination is not only fresh and refined, but also makes the whole dress and gown more noble and fashionable without losing its gorgeousness. In the future, it can be matched with different clothing. Come in handy and kill two birds with one stone! So sisters who are planning a wedding, you can seriously consider natural South Sea gold pearls as another excellent choice for matching skirt and gown jewelry!

WILLS JEWELLERY offers 18K gold natural South Sea gold pearl and diamond jewelry and sets. Please click on the link below to browse the styles!

Buy jewelry ●Grow knowledge "The Origin of South Sea Pearls and Golden Pearls"

South Sea pearls are generally produced from two types of mother oysters, the white butterfly oyster and the golden butterfly oyster. The white butterfly oyster produces white South Sea pearls, and the golden lip oyster produces golden South Sea pearls, which some people call golden pearls. South Sea pearls are round, pure, large, and have innate natural beauty. They do not need to rely on artificial processing such as bleaching and dyeing like other pearls. It is the combination of all these qualities that makes South Sea pearls so unique.

More knowledge about South Sea Golden Pearls

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