The birthstone of January • Symbolizes loyalty, friendship, and fidelity. It is also a commemorative stone for 18 years of marriage.

Get to know Garnet

The origin of the name "garnet" is indeed inseparable from the red fruit " pomegranate ". Because the shape and color of garnet crystals and pomegranate seeds are very similar, hence the name "garnet". Common garnets are mostly red, but their color range is wide enough to cover the entire spectrum of colors. Its actual color reflects the mineral content. If it contains manganese , it will appear green, which is our favorite garnet. Tsavorite ; a sweet orange Spessartine that reflects the presence of Calcium -Manganese.

The most precious birthstone of January is also known as the "Women's Stone". It symbolizes loyalty, friendship, fidelity, and also represents the hope and blessing of regaining hope and life energy. Garnet is also a commemorative stone for 18 years of marriage . 18 years of marriage is also called "garnet wedding".

Three major characteristics of garnet

Hardness 6.5-7.5

Stiff enough to withstand the impact of daily wear

Color variety

With rainbow-like colors


Rare garnets cost as much as diamonds

Latest Garnet Style Offers

Tree Vine・Oval Color Changing (Green/White) Garnet Diamond Twist Ring - WILLS JEWELLERY
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Tree Vine・Oval Color Changing (Green/White) Garnet Diamond Twist Ring - WILLS JEWELLERY
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Tree Vine・Oval Color Changing (Green/White) Garnet Diamond Twist Ring - WILLS JEWELLERY
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Varieties of garnet

tsavorite gemstone
Tsavorite Garnet

Known as the "Saint among Gems", with its lush green color like the prairie, it has become the new favorite of famous brand jewelry stores in recent years.

rose garnet
Rhodolite Garnet

The name comes from the Greek word "hodon", which means rose. It has a lavender pink color, like a red rose in full bloom.

Fanta Stone
Spessartite Garnet

The familiar Fanta soft drink "Fanta" transforms into a sweet and charming gem, giving people an incomparable sense of excitement and vitality

The best red garnet "Pyrope Garnet"

There are many different classifications of garnets, the more well-known ones being Fantalite and Tsavorite. Generally, fire garnets are difficult to reach the gem level, so they rarely appear in high-end jewelry. However, as long as they reach the gem level, there is a kind of fire garnet that matches its name very well, with a fire ball-like light, and the price is the same. It is also more friendly to the people than other red gemstones, and it is a red gemstone that is very worth buying.

Garnet color types and colors

red garnet
Red Garnet



Fanta Stone

color change garnet

Rare than diamonds - Demantoid

It is said that there is a kind of garnet that can only be produced in Siberia . It is emerald green. Under the light, you can see a pattern as brilliant as fireworks, like a horsetail pattern . Its value is comparable to precious diamonds. It is extremely precious. Demantoid garnet.

Garnet style appreciation

Retro style egg-shaped unfired tsavorite ring

Speaking of green, how can we not mention the famous "Gem Saint" Tsavorite? It has unparalleled deep green like a lush grassland...

Transformation Three Ways x Tsavorite Gem Diamond Earrings

The shop owner selected "three wears in one" tsavorite gemstone and diamond earrings for all fans to appreciate. As the name suggests, "One style for three wears" means that the same style can be worn in three ways...

2.61ct Fanta stone vintage bead edge ring

Spessartite has an intoxicating deep orange color and is transparent and bright. It is the new favorite of many gem collectors...

Fans' reply ~ The saint has arrived

I am so honored to be favored by Miss M. A pair of white and sparkling oval diamonds are placed on both sides of the green saint, sublimating the inherent charming green of the gemstone without losing the elegant style of the saint...

Guest reviews

Love tsavorite

I still remember the first time I came across Tsavorite in a fashion magazine, and I liked her lush green color the most. Finally, I purchased a clear-set ring at WILLS JEWELLERY. Thank you for your patient explanation!


January birthday gifts

My birthday is in January, so I received the January birthstone as a gift, which is really interesting.


Harder than imagined

Knowing that the hardness of garnet is not as good as diamond, I was initially worried that it would cause damage when worn on a daily basis. However, after half a year, the gemstone is still intact and I am happy!

- Jenny

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Compared with emerald, tsavorite gemstone has stronger luster, higher hardness, and purer, and its output is also scarce. It is the new darling of the green gemstone series and is known as the "Saint among Gems " ...

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