customer service

Love needs to be protected throughout your life. Likewise, we promise you a lifetime guarantee and service commitment.

(1) Inventory status
'BUY IT NOW'  & 'ADD TO CART'  -In stock , can be collected/delivered within 1-5 working days

'PRE-ORDER' -Available for pre-order , can be collected/delivered within 2-6 weeks

- For customized styles, please contact our store directly for quotation

(2) Payment protection
All transactions are transmitted through SSL encryption to ensure that guest payment information is strictly protected. Our store is also unable to check the payer's credit card information, so please feel free to purchase.

(3) Product guarantee
WILLS JEWELLERY only sells natural jewelry. In addition to the documents from the online store, all goods are accompanied by official documents issued by our store before shipment, listing the components of the goods, giving customers double protection.

(4) Collection/delivery method
After purchasing the goods, customers can choose to pick up the goods at the Central store or Hung Hom store. Our store can also arrange for SF Express to deliver goods to designated service centers . Due to insurance issues, our store recommends that customers go directly to the store to pick up the goods.

(5) Packaging
All goods come with exquisite packaging, including dark blue WILLS jewelry box or jewelry velvet bag. If you have special needs, please indicate it when making payment.

(6) After-sales service
Resize for life
If you wish to change the size of your rings, bracelets and necklaces after wearing them, you can enlarge or reduce them according to your needs.

ring engraving
Engraving the secret words of love inside the ring is a unique memorial. You can choose your favorite (English) name, words, date, etc. to make the jewelry more personal.

Refurbishment and Repair <br>Our store will provide you with corresponding paid repair services such as falling stones, broken chains, polishing, etc. depending on the condition of the jewelry.


WILLS JEWELLERY understands that customers want their beloved jewelry to last forever, so products with center stones purchased in our store are entitled to redesign services, so that your jewelry will last forever and remain in the same line.

Free cleaning
We recommend that you perform professional cleaning and care on your jewelry once a year. Customers only need to go to our company's store in person. Once the jewelry is confirmed to be produced by our company, they will enjoy lifetime free cleaning service.

Diamond and gemstone authentication services
Some WILLS JEWELLERY products may not come with certificates. Our company can provide gem identification services for customers at designated or recognized jewelry identification centers.