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Rainbow plucked from the sky

Paintings and colors appear before your eyes

Get to know Fancy Color Diamond

"Colored diamonds", as the name suggests, are diamonds with different colors. As we all know, the molecular element of diamonds is Carbon. With a perfect tetrahedral structure, diamonds should have a colorless and transparent appearance. However, due to rare physical mutations, diamonds emit different spectra and produce various colors due to changes in molecular structure . For example, take yellow diamonds as an example. When carbon atoms are replaced by nitrogen (Nitrogen) , the diamond will emit a yellow hue; blue diamonds are formed from the extremely rare boron element (Boron) in the earth's crust. In addition, under the influence of extremely subtle radiation in the earth's crust , diamonds can also appear in various colors such as pink, green, purple, etc. Therefore, colored diamonds are rarer and more precious than white diamonds.

The well-known diamond fable "A diamond is forever, a diamond will last forever" is also the birthstone of April. Diamond - the stone language of "eternity", "loyalty" and "purity", so diamonds have always been Engagement rings have always been the protagonist. In addition, diamonds are also the commemorative stone for the 60th wedding anniversary . 60 years of marriage are also called "diamond weddings."

Three major characteristics of colored diamonds

Hardness 10

The hardest of all gemstones

Color variety

Comes in a wide range of colors

priceless treasure

Among the most expensive gems in the world

Colored Diamond FAQ

How to interpret the color rating of fancy colored diamonds?

Gemstone authentication, such as GIA’s 4C criteria, is a grading index that is familiar to all diamond fans. It not only provides an objective evaluation of the appearance of a diamond, but also has a decisive impact on its value. However, in the country of colored diamonds, the grading of Color in 4C shows a "three-dimensional" form, which is completely different from the "linear DZ" grading of white diamonds. The three-dimensional indicators of colored diamonds should include: Hue , Tone , and Saturation .

Why are fancy colored diamonds so rare?

The color of fancy colored diamonds comes from very rare variations in the molecular structure of diamonds in the natural environment. It is a rare natural process. Certain colors, such as pink and blue, are unique treasures. They can only be mined in specific areas and at specific depths in the earth's crust. Mining requires huge resources and is therefore very rare.

Are colored diamonds very expensive?

As the saying goes, "Things become more valuable when they are rare, and love becomes more kind as we age." Colored diamonds are rarer than white diamonds, and therefore more precious. The price of fancy colored diamonds varies greatly depending on the size, color and clarity. The price of a top-quality pink diamond can range from one million Hong Kong dollars per carat, which shows how precious it is.

Are colored diamonds suitable as engagement rings?

Different from white diamonds, colored diamonds not only have the brilliance of diamonds, but also show unique color personality. Using colored diamonds as an engagement ring or precious gift is undoubtedly a unique tribute to the wearer's personality and a symbol of personal taste. , worthy as a token of love to your lover!

Main Grades of Colored Diamonds

Appreciation of Colored Diamond Styles

Yellow diamond series

Green diamond series

Blue diamond series

Pink diamond series

Colored diamond investment value

Friends who have studied jewelry must know that diamonds are the most beautiful and safest investments, especially pink diamonds, which have considerable appreciation potential in the past few years and even in the future!

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Colored diamond investment, how to buy pink diamonds to preserve their value

Now let WILLS tell you why pink diamonds are worth investing in!

Colored Diamonds• Proposal

If white diamonds represent pure love, then yellow diamonds are regarded as warm and harmonious love, with sunshine-like saturation, representing dreams in love, and are most suitable for romantic girls! Pink diamonds symbolize love and creativity, and represent a flawless love relationship. They are most suitable for girls who dream of true love and love romanticism! Blue diamond represents innocence and purity, symbolizing the pure and natural love between you. Green diamonds are a symbol of health, hope and life, representing good wishes for the other person's physical and mental health and happiness.

Expressing the most sincere love and sending the most sincere blessings to your beloved is the purest meaning expressed by a colored diamond engagement ring.

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Appreciation of Colored Diamonds
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