Payment methods and procedures

The payment methods we can choose from are: online payment, bank transfer or visiting our store in person. All prices are calculated in Hong Kong dollars (HKD) . Customers must first pay in full for the goods they wish to purchase. The specific payment methods are as follows:

(1) Online payment

The WILLS JEWELLERY website provides customers with secure, instant payment and no-fee online payment services. We support the following various online payment platforms and credit cards through Paypal: VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express

(2) Bank transfer/deposit

If you choose bank wire transfer/deposit as the payment method, please deposit the total amount of the order into our bank account according to the following information:

Bank account name: WILL'S DIAMOND LIMITED
Bank account number: 012-791-0-009926-7 (HKD)
Bank Code: 012
Branch code: 791
Swift code: BKCHHKHH

Bank account name: WILL'S DIAMOND LIMITED
Bank account number: 571-0-032645-2 (HKD)
Bank Code: 003
Branch code: 571
Swift code: SCBLHKHH

Note: (1) Please remit the payment to the bank account listed above and send the payment notification to Whatsapp +852 35719629, or email us at . Please be sure to include your company's account number, invoice number and payment amount in the email.
(2) All handling fees related to wire transfer/transfer will be borne by the customer. If we fail to receive the deposit within three working days after ordering, your order will be cancelled, and we will notify you by email at that time.
(3) Please Whatsapp the wire transfer or bank deposit receipt and your order number to +852 35719629. Once payment is confirmed, we will dispatch your order immediately.

Is it safe to use credit cards on your website?

Every credit card transaction on our website is conducted securely. We use 'Shopify', the e-commerce system of a NASDAQ-listed company in the United States. The payment system has SSL security encryption certification; and our online payment platform uses Paypal, which has a good reputation. After completing the transaction, we will not retain your credit card information, and the information will be submitted directly to our bank. Your credit card or bank account information is protected with every transaction, so you can shop with confidence.

Why are my credit card details not accepted?
Please contact your bank or financial institution to ensure there are no issues with their service. If the problem persists, please contact our customer service team at +852 3571 9629. They will inform the information technology department of the technical issue.

Are there any additional charges for using a credit card?
WILLS JEWELLERY does not charge additional fees. Our company processes all credit card transactions through Paypal.

My computer stops working during payment, how do I know if the payment was successful?
All customers with successful transactions will receive a confirmation email within one hour of ordering. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact us at or call +852 3571 9629 to confirm whether your order was successful.

What is PAYPAL?
PayPal is an online shopping payment method that allows buyers and sellers to pay or receive money online. Today, PayPal has more than 100 million users in 190 countries and regions. The advantages of using PayPal to pay are that it is fast, secure and easy, and PayPal guarantees to protect customers' credit card and other financial information to avoid leakage to sellers. For details, please visit. About PayPal .

How to apply for a PAYPAL account?
You can apply for a PayPal account here .

How to pay with PAYPAL?
Existing PayPal users who want to use PayPal to pay can click the "PayPal" icon during checkout. If new PayPal users want to use PayPal to pay, the page will be linked to the PayPal website for you to apply for an account. After completing the application, you will see the "PayPal" icon on the original page.

How does PAYPAL complete accounting?
Customers applying for PayPal must sign a billing agreement. The billing agreement authorizes the seller to collect payments directly from the customer's PayPal. For details, please click here .

What should I do if I have questions about my PAYPAL account?
You can check with PayPal's customer service department.

When will the money be transferred from my PAYPAL account?
PayPal will transfer funds from your account immediately after checkout. If your balance is less than your bill total, PayPal offers credit products or lets you pay by bank account or credit card. If the customer does not currently have a PayPal account, a valid credit card is required for payment. For more information, please contact PayPal's customer service department.

(3) Payment related issues

Confirm Order When your order successfully completes the final payment process, you will receive an "Order Confirmation" email notification detailing the ordered products. If you do not receive the relevant email, please contact our customer service department as soon as possible (email: )

Change order

After you complete the online order process, we are sorry that we cannot accept any changes to the items you have ordered.