The birthstone of January • Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, steadfastness, love and honesty, and is often regarded as a token of love by the British royal family.

Meet Sapphire

Sapphire is one of the five most valuable gemstones in the world. It is the general name for corundum gemstones of other colors except red rubies.

Many people may not know that sapphires come in a variety of colors . In addition to the familiar blue , there are also pink , orange, etc. However, what we commonly call "emerald" is actually "Emerald" and is not a member of the corundum family, so don't get it wrong.

The September Birthstone , the "woman's stone", sapphire has long been hailed as a symbol of royalty and romance, and some believe it is a symbol of loyalty and soul . Sapphire has the meaning of eternity, honesty, tranquility and peace, and its hardness is second only to diamond. "Sapphire" comes from the Greek word sappheiros, and blue sapphire is one of the most popular colored gemstones.

Three major characteristics of sapphire

Hardness 9
Color variety

The hardness is second only to diamond, enough to be preserved for a long time and passed down from generation to generation.

Color variety

With a variety of colors and styles like a rainbow, you can show different personal styles


One of the top five gemstones, a frequent visitor to auction houses and collectors. The price of rare sapphires is comparable to diamonds.

Sapphire color

Blue SapphireBlue Sapphire

Navy Blue
navy blue


cornflower blue

Royal Blue
Royal blue

Baby Blue
light blue

Violet Sapphire

Vivid Violet
rich purple

Light Violet

Light purple



Pink Sapphire

Vivid Pink
rich pink

Baby Pink

light pink

Violetish Pink

pink purple

Green SapphireGreen Sapphire





Two colors

Yellow SapphireYellow Sapphire

Lemon Yellow

lemon yellow


Rich yellow

Orange Yellow

orange yellow

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Sapphire hot selling styles

Ring style

Selected loose stones

WILLS classic series

King of sapphires
King of Sapphire - Padparadscha

What is Padparadscha Sapphire?

The orange-red color in the corundum family symbolizes purity and nobility and is considered sacred. Like the warm tones of the sun, or a blush on a girl's cheeks, it has independent and rigorous grading standards for color evaluation, making it one of the most eye-catching gemstones in recent years.

WILLS JEWELLERY's Padparadscha Collection

Explore Padparadscha in depth

Sunset, rare pink light color Padparadscha

Padparadscha, which amazed the gem industry when it was first discovered, is a pink-orange gemstone in the sapphire family. However, for it to be independently named "Padparadscha", it must have extraordinary abilities. In addition to the scarcity of natural production, the evaluation standards are also very strict, so it is also known as the "one in 50,000 miracle".

【WILLS LIVE TALK】Padparadscha Color Chapter

WILLS feels very lucky every time he encounters the rare Padparadscha. After being spotted by fans, he is happy but also reluctant to part with it. What is so exciting about Padparadscha? Wait until WILLS takes everyone to see it!

【WILLS LIVE TALK】1.51ct Unburnt Pink Orange Padparadscha

"Padparadscha" is unique in the sapphire family (Sapphire). It has a very special, pinkish-orange color, so it is known as the "one in 50,000 miracle". To become a member of "Padparadscha", you need both "pink and orange". Let the shop owner explain this "unique miracle" to me!


Sapphire style appreciation

European aestheticsRoyal blue round sapphire and diamond ring

There is a coveted gemstone, which is the round royal blue sapphire. This deep, rich, highly saturated sapphire has a transparent stone quality and a perfect round shape...

Royal blue sapphire, engagement ring for prince and princess

How many people dream of having a prince or princess wedding? Speaking of royal weddings, it turns out that engagement rings with colored gemstones as the main stone have been a royal tradition for hundreds of years...

Blue Feast: Sapphire and Aquamarine Fireworks Pendant

Monochromatic gemstone jewelry is simple and neat, while the multi-color combination of gemstones not only adds visual elements, but also sublimates the artistic conception of the work...

Diana pear-shaped purple sapphire and diamond pendant

The shop owner often has a keen eye for pearls and has purchased many unfired gemstones with potential. Among them is this pear-shaped unfired purple gemstone weighing about 1.44ct. It is natural, unprocessed, deep and rich...


Four lucky little things given to the bride to bless and protect her from evil; this is a wedding tradition that originated from the British Victorian era and is still passed down today. " Something old" represents inheritance, "Something new" represents the future, "Something borrowed" represents luck, and the last "Something blue" represents love and happiness.

Expressing the most sincere love and sending the most sincere blessings to your beloved is the purest meaning expressed by the sapphire engagement ring.

Sapphire Lookbook

More sapphire knowledge

WILLS Gemstone Knowledge ["Red and Pink" of the Corundum Family]

The corundum family is divided into two categories based on color - ruby ​​and sapphire . Red sapphires are called rubies, and corundum with a red hue that is not ruby ​​is called pink sapphire. ...

Get to know each other in one minute - Bi-color Gemstone

"Double-color gemstone" refers to a natural rough stone that has two color bands at the same time when it is excavated, and after being polished, it reaches gem level. Bicolor occurs when two color-causing elements appear simultaneously in a gemstone...

WILLS Gemstone Knowledge [Violet among Sapphires]

Sapphire is one of the five major gemstones. Its changing colors are even more pleasing to the eye. Purple is divided into many different color levels, such as violet, mysterious and noble deep purple. )...

Testimonies of love from celebrities and ladies ~ Sapphire

European nobles in the Middle Ages would give sapphires to test their lovers. Legend has it that if the recipient was unfaithful, the sapphire would change color, so sapphires became a test of love fidelity. In addition, sapphire has also witnessed many well-known love stories. Many celebrities have love stories related to sapphire jewelry...

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