Product Shipping and Guarantee

When shopping at WILLS JEWELLERY , you can enjoy the following high-quality shopping guarantees and services:

Quality shopping guarantee


(1) Exquisite packaging
In order to meet customers' needs for weddings, gifts, diamond jewelry maintenance, etc., every item sold by WILLS JEWELLERY comes with exquisite packaging, including exquisite gift boxes, certificates, etc.

(2) Shipping method
Customers can pick up the goods in person at our office or our store and check the diamond and product information. If customers need to use delivery service, they can contact our store directly to arrange it after confirming the order and payment.

(3) Arrival time

After your payment is successful and the order is generated, if it is a customized product order , we will arrange the production department to carry out customized production. After confirming the time, the store will contact you directly; if it is an existing product , we will arrive as soon as we receive the order. Call you within three working days to arrange collection.

(4) Order processing time
Orders generated before 12:00 noon (Hong Kong time) every day are regarded as orders for the day. Please refer to the following order arrival schedule for order processing time. If the goods in the customer's order are purchased by other customers before payment is successful, the order will automatically be invalid. (Note: Orders refer to orders that have been successfully paid.)

Order category Shipping time after ordering
- Items on sale now 1-5 working days
- Customized goods Please contact our store directly after placing an order

(5) Are there any delivery insurance issues?
If the customer wishes to receive the product through delivery service, our company does not provide delivery insurance service at the moment. Our company will not be responsible for any losses incurred during product transportation.

(6) Can I change the shipping address or purchase other products after confirming the order?
If you need to change your order information , please call the customer service team as soon as possible and we will try our best to provide assistance. If the goods have already been shipped , we will not be able to change your order at that time.

If you want to buy other goods and the goods have not left the warehouse , we will cancel the existing order for you so that you can re-order the goods. Please note that we cannot add back or change any promotion codes or discounts for you after your order is confirmed.

If you need to change your order information, please contact the customer service team at +852 3571 9629 as soon as possible.