WILLS JEWELLERY gift packaging

All jewelry sold by WILLS JEWELLERY is packaged in noble and elegant jewelry boxes, including jewelry boxes for rings, earrings/pendants, and bracelets/necklaces, which are as elegant and appropriate as gifts or even proposals.

The surface of the jewelry box is made of shiny wood-grained pearl paper, and the inner cage is made of non-stick suede. Each box can be equipped with or without LED spotlights.

WILLS jewelry box features

LED spotlight inside the box

The inner cage is equipped with LED spotlights to make the jewelry more beautiful, and the battery can be replaced as needed.

Extra protective outer box

In order to prevent the jewelry box from being damaged during transportation, all styles of jewelry boxes come with an extra protective box cover, which gives you extra care when giving gifts and provides better protection for the jewelry.

Non-stick suede inner cage

The inner cage of the jewelry box is made of non-stick suede, which allows the jewelry box to withstand the test of time and remain new for a long time, giving your jewelry long-term protection.