circle edge

The simplest "circle" tells the world's purest "fate"; in the trendy light and shadow, jewelry is given eternity, fashion, and infinite possibilities.

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Carefully crafted

Circle - means perfection and fusion; craftsmen use this belief to carefully create jewelry with depth, so that each piece of jewelry can exude a unique style.

simple design

With the circle as the center, combined with the simple and light design concept, it shows the beauty of the "circle" and its flawless masterpiece.

flash cut

Using circular cutting techniques, the gemstones are carved with intoxicating light, showing the personality of the gemstones while exuding a fascinating charm. The pink and sapphires are also cut using very precious 57-sided diamonds.

natural treasure

Natural treasures nurtured in nature are carefully selected by our professional team and carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen. They are then set in unique jewelry to sincerely offer precious natural treasures to the destined ones.

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Highlighted product

Charming emerald color

Carefully selected apple thread/emerald green emeralds, the faint green fire color makes people's hearts beat.

15-16 inch clavicle chain

The pendant is placed just between the collarbones, making it look slim and charming.

Natural diamond surrounding stones

Use pure natural diamonds with G color, VS/SI clarity or above, certified by professionals.


Sapphire is a traditional precious gemstone. If you want to choose satisfactory sapphire jewelry, you need to pay attention to the quality of the gemstone in addition to the style. WILLS JEWELLERY gives you objective reviews.

WILLS Gemstone Knowledge [The Color of Happiness ~ Pink Sapphire Review]

There is both the passion of red and the innocence of white. The combination of the two creates a dreamy pink. What we introduce this time is the warmest and softest pink sapphire in the sapphire family.

In addition to density, another important element in gems and diamonds is the cutting process. Diamond cutting is mainly to increase its brightness and sparkle.

Fans reply


The blue diamond girl really can't afford it... This sapphire bracelet looks like diamonds sparkling when you look at it. It's really useless for me, a working man with limited "straight".


I love the simple and easy-to-wear design of this emerald bracelet. I have always been fond of green gemstones, but most of the styles on the market are more mature.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! To mark this day I got myself my first pair of blue sapphire earrings. Loving its color & elegance.

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