1. go out

Gold has always been regarded as a symbol of good luck and wealth. During the traditional tea-pouring ceremony on the morning of the wedding, the newlyweds wear Chinese skirts and jackets, paired with dazzling jewelry. This not only creates a festive and peaceful atmosphere, but also means that the newlywed family will be blessed with both happiness and wealth in the future. Common Chinese skirts and coats are red and gold. A red skirt and coat paired with 18K gold jewelry will create a noble and elegant image; a gold skirt and coat paired with gold beads or topaz jewelry will look dazzling and jewel-like.

2. wedding dress

The wedding dress is the most important piece of clothing at the wedding. Paired with appropriate jewelry, it can add magnificence and elegance to the overall look. Among them, pearl and diamond jewelry are the most common. Pearls have a restrained and pure beauty, which is very suitable for matching simple and elegant wedding dresses. Diamond necklaces, earrings, etc. can highlight the noble temperament of the bride, make the overall look more dazzling, and create a luxurious and romantic wedding. Atmosphere.

3. Evening wear

Evening looks at wedding receptions are the perfect opportunity for couples to show off their own style. Today's evening wear styles are diverse and no longer limited to the traditional black and white. All kinds of bright and eye-catching colors are popular. Pair it with jewelry of the same color to make the overall look more harmonious and unified. For example, if you choose a sky blue evening dress, you can pair it with aquamarine and other jewelry to create an elegant temperament; a pink evening dress can be combined with pink sapphire to create a gentle look. Touching temperament; red evening dress can be paired with red gemstones to highlight the gorgeousness of the evening dress, making the overall look more dazzling and moving, leaving a beautiful visual impression for the wedding.

Style appreciation

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WILLS Style Appreciation ~ Floral Roulette Ring/Pendant · Cushion Cut Green Diamond

This flower roulette pillow-shaped green diamond ring, when worn, takes people back to the happy time of riding the Happy Ferris Wheel as a child!

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WILLS Style Appreciation ~ Streamline Ring · South Sea Pearl

This South Sea pearl rose gold ring truly has all the bling in one. The designer used a perfectly round bright white South Sea pearl with a diameter of about 11mm as the main stone, and combined it with a unique "streamline design" to create this ring that is hard to ignore.

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WILLS Style Appreciation ~ Romance and Elegance · Natural Heart-Shaped Pink Diamond Ring/Pendant (Two-Wear Style)

Store the epitome of romance and elegance in a WILLS pink diamond ring! At our store, we believe that heart-shaped diamonds are the most romantic choice of all diamond styles. Why? Because the heart shape symbolizes love, and the heart-shaped diamond embodies the essence of love!

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WILLS Appreciation - Delicate and elegant natural cushion-cut pink gem flower-shaped ring (Padparadscha)

The natural cushion-cut pink gem flower-shaped ring uses a gorgeous and elegant dimension, while reflecting the sophistication and meticulousness of jewelry design. It combines different materials, colors and cuts to create stunning jewelry.

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WILLS Style Appreciation ~ Halo Diamond Ring Lavender Blue Sapphire

This oval sapphire flower ring is absolutely stunning. The main stone is a 2.296ct sapphire, which displays a cornflower blue hue and has excellent luster and clarity. The color of the main stone is bright and eye-catching.

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WILLS Style Appreciation ~ Brilliant Radiance · Natural Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Ring

In ancient China, "yellow" was usually the royal color of emperors and concubines, while in the West, "golden" is also regarded as a symbol of noble nobility. Now WILLS recommends this radiant yellow diamond ring to you, so that everyone can experience its captivating charm!

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