Meet Opal

OPAL is called "opal" or "opal" in Chinese, and its gemological name is opal. It is the birthstone of October and is a stone symbolizing hope and happiness. The color refraction of opal comes from the water contained in the ore. Generally, the water content of opal ranges from about 3% to 20%. The higher the water content, the more obvious the play-of-color phenomenon will be. Opal is formed slowly under low temperature conditions and can occur in almost any rock, but is generally found in limestone, sandstone and basalt. Australia is the country with the largest output of opals, and opal is also Australia’s “national stone”.

WILLS opal series

The natural opal is matched with lustrous 18K rose gold bezel earrings, which not only exudes the dreamy rainbow light of the gemstone, but also sets out a luxurious and warm rose luster. The bezel setting highlights the natural beauty of the gemstone, coupled with the lovely cambered cut. , while being elegant, it also exudes a lively atmosphere.

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The main stone is based on deep purple and blue, and the outstanding blue and green colors appear on the surface, much like the blue planet we live in. When it swings, a red-orange light swims through it; the slender opal is paired with two white diamonds, which is delicate It also shows the elegant three-stone style.

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The designer used natural crystal opal as the main stone of the ring, showing a changing and gorgeous purple oil color; a simple four-claw setting with two slightly larger diamonds highlights the color of the main stone.

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Wave-surfaced white opal and spinel are paired together; the crystal-clear opal reveals colorful brilliance in the white . It will be even more surprising to see it in person ! Match it with warm pink spinel for a warm and lovely color, and put it on an open ring to bring out a playful and fashionable style.

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A rare crystal two-color opal, light and dark appear in front of you at the same time, just like the alternation of day and night, subtly blending the sky and the earth, perfectly showing the mysterious and eye-catching beauty of nature.

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Common types of opal

white opal

White Opal

Albumin is one of the most common opals, showing a play of color on a white background, like a rainbow appearing among white clouds after rain.

black opal

Black Opal

Black albumen appears as a play of colors on a dark background. Opal black protein has the highest reputation in the industry, not only because of its rarity, but also because the play of color can best stand out on a dark background.

crystal opal

Crystal Opal

Crystal opal is a water crystal of a transparent mineral. The image behind it can be seen through the surface of the gemstone. It can show a different taste when set in jewelry.

opal value

The value of opal lies in its fascinating changing colors. This is due to the water molecules in the gem being mixed with other atoms to form various colors, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, etc. Opals generally have glass luster or waxy luster. If the color luster changes with the angle, it is a precious gemstone; therefore, the higher the chroma, the higher the value. In recent years, high-quality opals have become increasingly expensive, with high-color opals sold in auction houses often costing tens of thousands of dollars.

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