wedding anniversary stone

Giving jewelry as a gift on the wedding anniversary is a long-standing tradition.
As a symbol of anniversary gifts, the gemstones that belong to each anniversary are different. People often compare the age of marriage to some corresponding jewelry. The higher the age of marriage, the more precious it is.
If you have not thought of what to give as an anniversary gift, you may wish to refer to the "Wedding Anniversary Stone" as a way to express love and commitment.


Annual representative gemstone

First anniversary to twelfth anniversary ~ Commemorative stone

1st anniversary

2nd anniversary

3 Years

4th anniversary

5 weeksyear

6th Anniversary

7th Anniversary

8th Anniversary

9th Anniversary

10th Anniversary

11th Anniversary

12th Anniversary

From the thirteenth anniversary to the twenty-fourth anniversary ~ Commemorative Stone

13th Anniversary

14th Anniversary

15th anniversary

16th Anniversary

17th Anniversary

18th Anniversary

19th Anniversary

20th anniversary

21st Anniversary

22nd Anniversary

23rd Anniversary

24th Anniversary

25th anniversary and beyond ~ commemorative stone

25th Anniversary

30th Anniversary

35th Anniversary

40th Anniversary

45 weeksyear

50 weeksyear

55th Anniversary

60th Anniversary

70 weeksyear