Product quality assurance

When shopping on the WILLS JEWELLERY website, you can enjoy the following quality guarantees:

(1) International certificate recognition

  • All diamonds (main stones) are accompanied by an internationally recognized certificate. Customers can go to the official website of the certificate issuing organization according to the certificate number to check the information and authenticity of the certificate to ensure the authenticity of the certificate. For example: GIA certificates can be verified at the following GIA official website ( ).

  • When purchasing a diamond, customers can use a magnifying glass to observe the laser marking number on the diamond's girdle and compare it with the number on the certificate to ensure that the diamond and the certificate match each other. Taking GIA as an example, all diamonds under 1 carat are now laser marked. Those of 1 carat or above may not be available, because GIA reports of 1 carat and above have inclusion diagrams. Customers can use a 10x magnifying glass to observe the characteristics of the diamond's inclusions to confirm whether it matches the diamond on the report.

  • All gemstone (main stone) jewelry purchased in our store above 1.5ct will be accompanied by a recognized gemstone identification certificate.

(2) Rigorous quality inspection
WILLS JEWELLERY's professionals will also carefully inspect product quality before delivery to ensure that we provide customers with high-quality products.

(3) Diamond
Diamonds contain innate natural beauty. Our mission is to adopt more stringent diamond quality standards than the 4Cs and select the highest quality diamonds among GIA diamonds based on customer requirements. learn more

(4) WILLS 5C – Critic
WILLS JEWELLERY 's criteria for carefully selecting diamonds for you are not limited to the 4Cs . Diamonds are natural minerals and cannot be described in words. Our appraisers will personally use instruments to select diamonds with the highest sparkle for customers, striving to select the highest quality diamonds within the 4C standards for customers to purchase. They will use a professional perspective to criticize the quality of diamonds and tell customers that they are worthy of the certificate. Reference place. learn more