our mission

Colors represent different personalities and show infinite possibilities. With exquisite craftsmanship and dedicated soul, different colors are connected together to interpret each person's unique story, thereby bringing unparalleled color viewing enjoyment to guests.
This is the belief that WILLS JEWELLERY has shouldered from beginning to end.

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WILLS world

WILLS JEWELLERY is positioned as an expert in colored gemstones. Through the team's global gem procurement network and exquisite design technology, it is the messenger of love. The brand includes the positioning appeal of romance, joy, fantasy, youth, nature and intimacy. WILLS is the messenger of love. We carefully create jewelry that can speak, letting jewelry speak for the deep memories and love.


Brand story

Founded in 2012, the WILLS JEWELLERY team has been committed to providing customers with the highest quality and professional jewelry services, hoping to bring the best visual enjoyment to customers at the lowest cost. Inheriting the family's jewelry making skills for more than 30 years, WILLS JEWELLERY has evolved from a small workshop in the past few years to today's boutique standing in the heart of Central's business district, providing one-stop jewelry consulting services to our customers. , whether it is tailor-made, spot purchase or hand-painted design, the team is dedicated to creating the most beautiful unique for customers, hoping to combine traditional beautiful art crafts with modern production technology to interpret each customer's needs. With your heart in mind, jewelry can evolve into beautiful legends that can be passed on to generations to come.

WILLS JEWELLERY Brand Advantages

own factory

The craftsmen have more than thirty years of jewelry manufacturing experience,
Carefully create your own unique one for you.

Professional verification

We will set up our own professional appraisal equipment and provide authentication certificates.
Make sure every gemstone set is natural and not artificial.


Our own designers work exclusively for you to perfectly interpret your ideas.

Try on in store

Provide a convenient and comfortable environment to select jewelry products

our vision

Jewelry is not only a symbol of taste, but also a family heirloom for generations. Whether it is the romance of a proposal, the emotion of a celebration or the interpretation of taste, WILLS JEWELLERY carefully creates each unique piece of affection, so that the pure heart can be passed down to future generations and generations to come.

Our advantage

The WILLS JEWELLERY team has more than 30 years of experience in jewelry design and production. It has its own factories and collects natural and high-quality raw materials from origins around the world to provide customers with great value for money.

our commitment

In order to allow customers to experience the true beauty of nature, WILLS JEWELLERY ensures that every gemstone embedded in its products is natural and non-artificial.

Our expertise

WILLS JEWELLERY has its own professional equipment to provide professional evaluation for each precious gemstone, so that customers can understand the characteristics of the gemstone they purchased at a glance and gain more confidence in their purchase.

Guest • Commitment


Love needs to be protected throughout your life. Likewise, we promise you a lifetime guarantee and service commitment.

(1) Free exquisite gift packaging service In order to meet the needs of customers for weddings, gift-giving, diamond jewelry maintenance, etc., every item sold by WILLS JEWELLERY is equipped with exquisite packaging, including exquisite gift boxes, certificates, etc.

(2) Free cleaning We recommend that you perform professional cleaning and care on your jewelry once a year. Customers only need to go to our company's store in person. Once the jewelry is confirmed to be produced by our company, they will enjoy free cleaning service for life.

(3) Ring bracelet modification and refurbishment services If customers require additional repairs or product maintenance, please contact us for enquiries.

(4) Jewelry redesign service All products purchased from our company are entitled to style redesign service.

(5) Diamond and Gemstone Appraisal Services Our company can provide gemstone appraisal services for customers at designated or recognized jewelry appraisal centers.

(6) Our 5th C – Critic
WILLS JEWELLERY's criteria for carefully selecting diamonds for you are not limited to the 4Cs. Diamonds are natural minerals and cannot be described in words. Our appraisers will personally use instruments to select diamonds with the highest scintillation for customers, striving to select the highest quality diamonds within the 4C standards for customers to purchase. They will use a professional perspective to criticize the quality of diamonds and tell customers that they are worthy beyond the certificate. Reference place.

Create • first

Brand founder

Growing up in a jewelry family, I have been exposed to various beautiful designs since childhood, and inherited more than 30 years of jewelry production experience. I saw that although there were many chain jewelry brands, the prices were extremely expensive, so I decided to set up my own jewelry store in 2011. The jewelry brand simply hopes to provide value-for-money choices for friends around you, and then incubates the brand WILLS JEWELLERY. After years of hard work, the brand has been successfully built into a famous O2O jewelry boutique in Hong Kong. It has also set up its own store in the bustling Central City to provide customers with convenient, comfortable and professional jewelry shopping and tailor-made services.

- William Wong -

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Central Boutique Central store
Room 1003, 10th Floor, Tak Wo Building, 17-19 D'Aguilar Street, Central (1 Wo On Lane)


+852 3571 9629

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