Meet Tourmaline Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a gem-grade tourmaline. It contains different chemical elements and produces different colors. It is famous for its bright and colorful colors and is deeply loved by jewelry enthusiasts. Tourmaline is also an energy stone with magnetic and electric fields, which is very helpful for interpersonal relationships and health.

Popular Tourmaline Types

indigo tourmaline


Blue tourmaline is the collective name for all blue tourmalines, including light blue, sea blue, green blue, dark blue, etc. The purer the blue, the higher the value. It is one of the most precious varieties in the tourmaline family.

bicolor tourmaline


There can be two or more colors on a piece of tourmaline, with gradient or contrasting color effects, and with red and green, like the characteristics of watermelon, it is called watermelon tourmaline.



Ruby tourmaline, also known as rose tourmaline or ruby ​​tourmaline, can range in color from light pink to deep red like ruby. Those with bright colors like rubies are the most precious.

King of Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline


Paraiba is the rarest and most valuable type of tourmaline in the tourmaline family. Its lake-like blue-green color and neon luster due to its high content of "copper" and "manganese" make it stand out among other blue tourmalines. . The output of Paraiba is very small, and the price of high-quality Paraiba is close to that of unburned pigeon blood ruby, so it is called the "King of Tourmalines".

Tourmaline Jewelry Series

WILLS Gemstone Series

Sapphire series

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Diamond series

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Ruby series

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