Exclusive sapphire engagement ring

Exclusive sapphire engagement ring

2024 Proposal Ring Guide
Sapphire <br>may be your best choice

“For an engagement ring, you may choose diamond;
But in fact, what more people want is a crystal that is different and can express unique love.
The sapphire represents " sincerity and eternity ",
Is this also an exciting choice for you? "

Sapphire has a unique blue hue ,

The English name comes from the Latin "Sapphirus" which means blue.
Also often called "the jewel of heaven from heaven",
Gives people a noble and elegant feeling;
Sapphire is also the birthstone of September.
With a Mohs hardness of 9, it is the hardest family of gemstones.

Sapphire is a rare natural gemstone that can only be produced in specific ground veins.
Therefore, proposing with sapphire shows how much you value your partner .
And each sapphire has a unique color.
Represents unique love for your partner.

The most intimate love language

The color language of sapphire, pour your personal feelings into the ring,
Find that one-of-a-kind gem that belongs to your loved one.
Each kind of blue represents a different love language

cornflower blue

the happiness of meeting each other

lavender blue

Give you the miracle of love

Royal blue

Loyal to the only you

navy blue

Give the most solemn love

Black blue

Always tolerate and trust each other deeply

dark blue

endless love

Client’s “Blue” Proposal Story

Customer Ms. M

Ms.M selected several favorite sapphire styles online and made an appointment to try them on at the Central store. It was really sweet to choose them with her beloved on the day they met.

Customer Ms. E

Ms.E's fiancé specially came to us to customize the engagement ring - a romantic heart-shaped sapphire field stone diamond ring, which exudes romantic and sweet light, adding a noble sense of luxury to this sweet love.

Customer Ms. C

The customer customized a simple and classic heart-shaped sapphire and diamond engagement ring. The sapphire itself is produced in Sri Lanka and has a rich royal blue color . A simple surrounding stone ring is added to perfectly present the whole sapphire in three dimensions.

What type of personality does your partner have?

Ring styles often have an important impact on the overall look and feel. WILLS JEWELLERY will take stock of the ring styles that different types of girls can wear together.

Sweet girly type

Suitable for girls who love romance

Give her full of fantasy and romantic princess dreams

Suitable for beautiful and delicate types

Make her feel elegant

Suitable for aristocratic style

The drop-shaped V ring is a unique style for mending your hands.

Suitable for ice and snow smart types

Let her shine brightly in front of everyone

Literary youth simple type

Suitable for exquisite girls' wedding rings. Simple matching brings out a new beauty.

The simple design and extraordinary combination make her look gorgeous at all times.

Suitable for simple and elegant types

Wear it everyday and look elegant without losing your aura.

Suitable for simple and elegant girls to wear when going out or going to work every day.

Elegant lady type

Suitable for elegant and refined types

Show your femininity and high-end charm

Suitable for classic and elegant types

Exudes noble and elegant charm

Suitable for simple, elegant and generous types

She is the most suitable one if she has connotation.

Suitable for gorgeous glitter types
Let her be the focus of the night

sexy style

Suitable for European retro classic type

Add a unique sense of fashion to her daily life

Suitable for cheerful and straightforward types

Simple three-stone design highlights individual charm

Suitable for those who love fashion, retro and more independent types

Showing her bold intellectual and strong character

Suitable for retro intellectual beauty types, allowing her to exude charming temperament anytime and anywhere

I'm proposing now! Get it now in stock

You are planning to propose in the next two days. Are you worried that it will be too late to order a sapphire ring?
For customers who are in urgent need, we provide ready stock for immediate purchase (limited to specific sizes)

Loose Sapphire Stone Tour

Don’t like any of the above styles?

Exclusive customized service | Provide tailor-made services

—Exclusive customized service—

Marriage is an important part of life, and the ideal engagement ring is especially crucial. We are willing to listen to every request of our guests, provide you with tailor-made services, and carefully look at every detail to help you prepare the most perfect proposal plan and create a A moment of happiness for you.

Customized service flow chart

There is no restriction on reservations at the store, but due to the large crowds during holidays,

In order to avoid extra waiting time and provide better consultation services, it is recommended to make an appointment in advance.


The most considerate service • Professional team on call

—Expert Procurement Professional Appraisal—

WILLS JEWELLERY's purchasing team has rich knowledge and more than ten years of professional purchasing experience. It provides incisive purchasing suggestions and gemstone reviews to help customers select the best value gemstones from various origins.

—Customized service belongs to casting—

The designer team can create your own unique design according to your personal preferences and requirements, adding an incomparable mark to your love.

—Made with care in our own factory—

Senior craftsmen have more than 20 years of experience in jewelry casting, and together with a rigorous quality inspection team, we will focus on making you an unparalleled sapphire engagement ring.


Please make an appointment with us now to create your own unique sapphire ring.

Inquiry phone/Whatsapp: 3571 9629


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