cherish moments
-Precious Moment-

Different jewelry and different stories tell the guests’ cherished legends and witness the extraordinary and moving beauty.

Colorful colored gemstone diamond ring

"Heritage Gemstone Ring"

The stars flow and are with you. The inheritance of love is always an endless story of jewelry. The colorful family heirloom ring designed for customers this time is about the spectrum of family inheritance of love.  The family left diamonds and colored gemstones one after another, bright and sparkling, but the sparkling gemstones have different colors and shapes. In order to give the gemstones a new look, our protagonist hopes to turn the gemstones into a fashionable European-style ring. . …..

Black and white with stone diamond earrings

"Love you day and night"

Aquamarine baguette diamond ring

"Aquamarine for myself"

Unfired Purple Sapphire Forked Arm Ring

"The Infinite Charm of Purple"

Heart Shape Yellow Diamond Double Surround Stone Ring

"I will never forget you"

Cherish the gift • Savor it all the time
Let your thoughts flow and your love last forever

Nathan Adams

Sales manager, Safari Home

"Augue intellegebat nam ut, cu mel tamquam repudiandae, eu quem complectitur definitiones pri. Ut pro feugait inimicus, dolor nostrum quo ex. Tollit doctus similique ea has, has ipsum iisque id. Vix eu dicat iisque numquam, ut vis simul option reformidans. Eam ut purto percipit ponderum."

Oval diamond surround stone set

"The Happiness of the Oval Diamond"

Miss Y’s trophy

"Report of Miss Y and Mrs. Y"

Classic gorgeous emerald green earrings

"Encountering a Stranger"

Sapphire Gradient Halo Diamond Ring

"The Metamorphosis of Sapphire Style "

4CT double prong round diamond ring

"Recognition for Promotion"

Pear Shape Diamond Double Stone Drop Earrings

"Blessings for My Daughter's Wedding"

Rose gold full circle diamond bracelet

"Dinner Decoration"

Three-wear style heart-shaped diamond earrings

"Anniversary Gift Heart-to-heart "

Marquise diamond ring

"Honey, thank you for your hard work"

Two-Wear Oval Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

"Grace at Daughter's Wedding"

Gorgeous Tahitian Black Pearl Twisted Diamond Earrings

"The Pearl of the Family"

5CT vintage oval sapphire surround stone diamond ring

"Collection Loves Royal Blue "

3.5ct unfired purple sapphire surround stone diamond ring

"Love the natural purple color of nature"

2ct heart-shaped peach morganite diamond ring

"A heart as sweet as a peach"

Classic surrounding stone sapphire and diamond ring

"Ms. M's Love Blessings"

Fancy Cut Colored and White Diamond Jewelry

"Don't fall in love with us too quickly"

Gorgeous gemstone ring collection

"Super Gem Fan"

Classic pear-shaped morganite and diamond ring

"Zai Zai's Mother's Day Thoughts to Mommy"

Tsavorite Three Stone Ring

"The Arrival of the Saint "

Oval Pink Diamond Pear Diamond Surround Stone Ring

"Pink Birthday Gift"

Cushion Shape Pink Purple Diamond Double Surround Stone Ring

"Customized Pink Diamond Ring"

Six prong set diamond half arm diamond engagement ring

"A request from afar"

The WILLS ring we bought together

"Two Mothers and Daughters Reunite Together "

Miss C's WILLS collection

"When you become our fan"

Six-prong clear-set diamond engagement ring

"Will you marry me?"

Family-style diamond customization package

"The Zhou Sisters' Happy Shopping Experience"

Customized pillow-shaped diamond ring

"Happy Cushion Diamond Ring "

Jewelry customization process

WILLS JEWELLERY understands that every customer wants to cast their own unique jewelry, so we are very happy to provide customers with tailor-made services. During the customization process, the team will meticulously handle the design process for customers in every process in accordance with the best practices accumulated through experience and technology, hoping that customers will show a bright and satisfied smile when receiving the goods.

Negotiate needs

Picking materials

Design discussion

Confirm style

3D sketch

Sample try-on (if necessary)

Foundry production

complete delivery

Gloria Spencer

Kate Fowler

Jordan Sims

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Marquise Diamond Ring

"For the wife who just gave birth to a baby"

"WILLS JEWELLERY recently customized a marquise diamond ring for a customer and gave it to his wife who just gave birth to a baby. Thinking that my wife already has a round diamond engagement ring, I specially selected a slender marquise diamond as the main stone. Let this surprise be more fresh and commemorate the important moment between husband and wife."

Gloria Spencer

Harry Alvara

Harry Alvara

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Shipped within 3-5 working days

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