Tahiti black pearl knowledge

Tahitian seawater pearls are world-famous. They are famous for their large particles, beautiful colors, beautiful iridescence and unique colors. They are also a kind of seawater pearls. They are one of the rarest and most precious varieties. The diameter is generally 8-16mm. Tahitian pearls are famous all over the world for their deep and stable dark colors. No matter what kind of background color, black pearls have accompanying light (the accompanying light ranges from green, blue, purple, red, we call it peacock color) .)

Tahitian black pearl shade

Tahiti, located in the South Pacific, is a world-famous black pearl breeding ground. The cultured pearls are "one in a million". The process of cultivating pearl oysters is very long and easy to die, plus it is affected by factors such as weather and water quality. About every 100 beads harvested, only one or two are perfect and quite precious.

Its strong metallic luster changes as the pearl rotates, making it radiant and incomparably beautiful.