South Sea Pearl Knowledge

The innate natural beauty and dazzling luster of South Sea pearls express incomparable elegance and romance, making them one of the most popular pearls in the world.
South Sea pearl natural color

WILLS JEWELLERY South Sea Pearl Grading Reference

WILLS JEWELLERY Pearl Surface Defect Rating Reference
South Sea pearls generally refer to pearls bred in the ocean . South Sea white pearls, mainly bred from white butterfly oysters, can generally grow to 8~15 mm, with the largest being 18 mm. It is said that there was a South Sea pearl in history that grew to 21 mm. The value of pearls lies in size and quality. The larger the size, the higher the value; in terms of quality, the rounder, brighter, and fewer flaws, the higher the value. WILLS JEWELLERY has a set of established pearl grading criteria to ensure that the most stringent requirements for grading are met when selecting pearls, providing guests with great value for money.