Purple is the most noble color in terms of color energy, representing confidence and nobility.

The history of purple

In the East, the Chinese have given the color purple a supreme meaning since ancient times. The emperors of ancient China were considered to be descendants of the "Purple Micro Star". The use of "Forbidden City", "Purple Kirin" and red sandalwood in the Qing Dynasty all reflect the Chinese people's admiration intention. "Purple" symbolizes rising through the ranks - career success and success.

In the West, purple also represents nobility and is often a color favored by nobles. This is because the purple dye commonly used by the Tire people in ancient Rome was only worn by nobles, and the dyed clothes resembled crimson, which was even more so. He was favored by the monarch at that time. In the Byzantine era, emperors from the direct royal line would add the word "born to the purple" to their titles to indicate their orthodox origins and to distinguish them from monarchs who obtained the throne through other means.



The color of lavender is a gentle and elegant lavender, this hue is very soft and charming. Lavender usually grows in Mediterranean coastal areas with sufficient sunshine and well-drained soil. It often grows in patches, forming a beautiful sea of ​​purple flowers that contrasts sharply with the blue sky and white clouds, giving people a sense of elegance and comfort.

Lavender • Elegance and Tranquility

lavender colored gemstone

Lavender-colored gemstones typically have varying degrees of blue tones, varieties with lavender hues include:


The flower color of violet is a deep and changing purple, between blue-violet and red-purple. This deep purple has a sense of mystery and also reveals a sense of nobility and elegance.

Celebrities wearing

Because of this elegant and charming temperament, violet is often favored by celebrities. They like to wear violet accessories when attending important occasions to show their taste and temperament.

Violet • Eternal Love and Beauty

violet gemstone

In the world of gemstones, there are only a few varieties with violet hues, which makes them extremely precious...

Orchid purple

Orchid Purple is a soft, pleasing lilac shade with a hint of pink. This color gives people a lively feeling, but is not too bright and eye-catching. It has a unique temperament and charm.

Orchid • Enter the passionate world

Orchid Purple Gemstone

The enchanting orchid purple, commonly seen gem varieties include...

Style Appreciation

WILLS Gem Knowledge [Lavender in Sapphire]

The main component of corundum is aluminum oxide. Corundum contains different color-causing elements that directly affect the color tone of the gem. For example, the blue color of sapphire is caused by iron (Fe) and titanium (Ti), and chromium (Cr) is added. It turns red, so the purple sapphire element is mixed with iron, titanium and chromium.

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WILLS Style Appreciation ~ Natural Pillow-Shaped Unburned 'Violet' Blue Sapphire Ring

The ring style I am appreciating this time uses a relatively rare "violet" color sapphire. The color is purple with a hint of light blue, which is like the reflection of sunlight under the snowy sky. It is bright and moving.

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WILLS Style Appreciation ~ Roman Empire - Natural Unburnt Intense Purple Sapphire Diamond Ring

"Purple" appeared in the Han Dynasty of China in the book "The Legend of Immortals" and the saying "Purple Air Comes from the East" was usually used to describe auspicious signs of the appearance of saints. And do you know the story and special significance of purple during the Roman Empire? Now why don’t we all go back in time to find the answer!

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