1.80ct pillow-shaped natural unfired purple gemstone

The "1.80ct Unfired Purple Cushion Sapphire" officially auctioned on Tuesday (21/9) comes from Sri Lanka, the hometown of the gemstone. It is a cool purple with brownish red blackcurrant purple, which is both mysterious and noble. It has a rich purple tone and has not been processed in any way. , so the stone is clear and bright, reflecting an intoxicating light. The entire gemstone is cut neatly and symmetrically, with no visible lenses or inclusions, making the gemstone sparkle gorgeously. Fans of purple must not miss this!

WILLS JEWELLERY auction item reviews

Gem varieties

Natural Violet Sapphire




7.29 x 6.87 x 4.34mm




Violet Violet (Blackcurrant)

Cutting Features

The crown is brilliant cut and the pavilion is three-tiered step cut.


No heat treatment (no burning)
No indication of heating

Auction information

Schedule auction start time
21/9/2021(Tues) 12:00

Scheduled auction end time
24/9/2021(Fri) 23:59

Base price: $4,500
Price per order: $500
Direct purchase price: $18,000

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