1.51ct pear-shaped natural unburned purple gemstone

This pear-shaped natural unfired purple sapphire produced in Sri Lanka has an extremely attractive aurora purple color. Without any heating treatment, the stone is transparent and bright. It is crystal clear no matter from any angle, and the transparency is perfect. In addition, the slender and classic pear-shaped cut is suitable for hanging pendants and other hanging jewelry.

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Gem varieties

Natural Unheated Violet Sapphire




9.10 x 6.10 x 3.48mm


Pear shaped Pear

Cutting Features

The crown is Brilliant Cut, and the pavilion is Three Steps Cut.


Purple Violet (Ultra Violet Aurora Purple)


No heat treatment (no burning)
No indication of heating

Assurance certificate

CGL international gem identification certificate

unique selling point

✅ [No burning] Preserves the high fire color of the original stone✅ [Large thin section] Equivalent to 2ct size✅ [Slender pear shape] Suitable for inlaying pendants or rings✅ [No inclusions] Transparent and flawless✅ [Made in Sri Lanka] Top quality guarantee

Auction information

Schedule auction start time
12/10/2021(Tues) 12:00

Scheduled auction end time
14/10/2021(Thurs) 23:59

Base price: $5,000
Price per order: $500
Direct purchase price: $19,800

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