Round golden South Sea pearl diamond earrings

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Pearl size: 9-10mm
Product Details

A naturally smooth, lustrous and precious golden South Sea pearl, with a brilliant-cut round diamond underneath exuding a sparkling and noble temperament.Suitable for wearing to dinner parties or formal occasions, or as a precious gift.

Includes accessories: 18K white gold earrings with ear cuffs 

Product information

Product number E70-PLBR
Earring material 18K white gold eared pussy
Pearl information 9-10mm round golden South Sea pearl
Pearl quality AAA-AAAA premium
Sub-stone information White diamond total weight 0.076ct

(1): If in stock, it can be collected/delivered within 1-5 working days
(2): If the item is out of stock and needs to be pre-ordered, please contact the store directly. It can be picked up/delivered within 12-15 weeks.

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Round golden South Sea pearl diamond pendant


Round golden South Sea pearl diamond ring


WILLS JEWELLERY crafting exclusively for you with heart, uniquely yours




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Pearl size: 9-10mm

products and services

WILLS JEWELLERY attaches great importance to customer experience and provides comprehensive pre-sales and lifelong after-sales services. We hope that the treasures you purchase will last for a long time and be passed down from generation to generation.

Product packaging instructions


All jewelry sold by WILLS JEWELLERY is packaged in noble and elegant jewelry boxes, including jewelry boxes for rings, earrings/pendants, and bracelets/necklaces, which are as elegant and appropriate as gifts or even proposals.


The surface of the jewelry box is made of shiny wood grain pearl paper, and the inner cage is made of non-stick suede. Each box can be equipped with or without LED spotlights.

WILLS jewelry box features

LED spotlight inside the box

The interior of the cage is equipped with LED spotlights, making jewelry more dazzling, and allowing for battery replacement as needed.

Extra protective outer box

In order to prevent the jewelry box from being damaged during transportation, all styles of jewelry boxes come with an extra protective box cover, which gives you extra care when giving gifts and provides better protection for the jewelry.

Non-stick suede inner cage

The inner cage of the jewelry box is made of non-stick suede, which allows the jewelry box to withstand the test of time and remain new for a long time, giving your jewelry long-term protection.

How to measure finger size

To determine your ring size accurately, the best way is to measure the inner diameter of a ring that you wear often and feels comfortable.

How to measure the inner diameter of a ring

  1. Please first draw a circle along the inside of the ring with a pencil

  2. Then measure the diameter of the circle with a ruler.

  3. Obtain the correct length of the diameter as a result

  4. Convert the correct ring size by using the international ring size comparison chart

  5. WILLS JEWELLERY uses Hong Kong Circle (Hong Kong Degree)

WILLS practical tips

Before deciding on a ring size to purchase, consider several environmental and practical factors. When estimating your or your partner's ring size, consider the larger size as it is easier to reduce the ring size.

Average Ring Size

The average ring size for Asian ladies is Hong Kong degree 8-16, which is directly proportional to the body's bone size (height) and body shape. Usually, the ring size for women with a height of 150cm-160cm is Hong Kong degree 8-11; the ring size for women with a height of 160cm-170cm is Hong Kong degree 10-15; the ring size for women with height above 170cm is Hong Kong degree 14 or above.

different times of day

Dusk is an ideal time to measure your finger size. Most people's fingers are largest at dusk and thinner in the morning. Measure yourself or your partner's ring size at dusk to ensure a comfortable fit.

different times of year

The fingers change with temperature, so the size can change depending on the weather. Cold winter weather can cause fingers to shrink, while summer or warm, humid weather can cause them to swell. Avoid taking hand measurements in very cold or hot weather.

Swelling and contraction of fingers

Exercise, edema, pregnancy, aging, and arthritis can all affect the size of your fingers. WILLS JEWELLERY recommends that when purchasing a style with wider hoops, consider sizing up half a size to make it more comfortable to wear.

Go to < International Ring Size Comparison Chart >

Jewelry Care Guide

Please store unworn jewelry in the jewelry box provided by our store and place it separately from other jewelry or accessories to avoid scratches or tangles. You can also use a jewelry box or soft bag with compartments to store jewelry. If you find stains on your jewelry, you can use a flannel or soft cloth to wipe the surface; for more stubborn stains, you can choose a foaming cleaner (such as dish soap, never use strong chemical cleaners) , rub the entire piece of jewelry, rinse it under running water, and finally dry it with a flannel or soft cloth.

Lifetime after-sales maintenance service

In order to keep the jewelry as bright as new, our store provides lifetime free cleaning service. Accessories such as rings may need to be resized due to changes over time. Our store also provides paid trimming, polishing and refurbishment services. In addition, if you want to give your jewelry a new look, our store’s redesign service allows you to create a new treasure together from scratch.


Established for more than ten years and inheriting more than 30 years of family jewelry production experience, WILLS JEWELLERY has served more than 2,500 customers and has successfully built a well-known Hong Kong jewelry brand with good reputation. The brand has its own store in the bustling downtown area of ​​Central, providing customers with high-quality and professional jewelry shopping and tailor-made services.

Famous jewelry boutique in Hong Kong


Exquisite decorative box packaging

All jewelry pieces come with a beautiful jewelry box to give you the best protection for your precious treasures. The jewelry box has a beautiful appearance and is equally elegant and appropriate whether it is for a festive gift or even a proposal.

Use natural materials

WILLS JEWELLERY only uses natural gemstones sent directly from the origin, and has on-site appraisers to ensure that all incoming materials meet the store's most stringent quality requirements.

Handmade in Hong Kong

Combining traditional Hong Kong craftsmanship with modern aesthetic concepts, craftsmen carefully craft the jewelry into unique works of art.

Jewelry knowledge

Explore the colorful world of WILLS

The world becomes beautiful because of colors, which add colorful colors to ordinary life. WILLS JEWELLERY specializes in collecting colored gemstones from all over the world, and uses local craftsmen to create beautiful jewelry with exquisite craftsmanship.

Customized service

Exclusive jewelry just for you • You deserve to own

Every jewelry lover hopes to have his or her own unique jewelry. WILLS JEWELLERY provides one-stop customized jewelry services to create your own unique jewelry.

Learn about customization services

Make yourself a jewelry expert

WILLS Jewelry School

A distinctive performance

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