WILLS JEWELLERY understands that every customer wants to cast their own unique jewelry, so we are very happy to provide customers with tailor-made services. During the customization process, the team will meticulously handle the design process for customers in every process in accordance with the best practices accumulated through experience and technology, hoping that customers will show a bright and satisfied smile when receiving the goods.

Customization process

Negotiate needs

The consultant will first make an appointment with the customer to visit the store to truly understand the customer's needs, including usage, style, budget, time limit, etc.

Picking materials

According to the customer's requirements, our store will screen suitable materials or raw materials, allowing customers to choose the most favorite choice.

Design discussion

After the materials are determined, the designer will participate in the discussion process and propose corresponding design guidelines based on the actual situation to help customers sort out their ideas.

Confirm style

After conceptual discussion between both parties, the designer will help the customer finalize the final design plan.

3D sketch

The designer produces a 3D design drawing based on the final plan, allowing guests to understand their design from different angles on the screen.

Sample try-on (if necessary)

Customers can request to try on the sample according to the actual situation to confirm whether the design meets their requirements.

Foundry production

After the 3D pattern or sample is confirmed, it will enter the intense stage; our store will immediately arrange for craftsmen to cast the main parts and accessories, as well as weld, grind, polish and inlay gemstones.

complete delivery

Before delivering finished products to customers, our store will undergo repeated quality inspections to ensure that the entire jewelry design is delivered to customers in the most perfect condition.


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