WILLS JEWELLERY natural ruby ​​series

In order to welcome the International Women's Day in March, WILLS JEWELLERY will launch the novel and fashionable [Natural Ruby Series] that boldly combines fashion and retro elements. At the same time, there will also be a CLASSIC series that retains the classic taste . Together, they will create WILLS JEWELLERY's unique ruby ​​series jewelry.

【Fashion style series】

The designer selected the top bright rubies from Myanmar and Mozambique , and drew delicate and delicate lines on both sides of the gems, and set them with sparkling white diamonds. The bright halo makes the entire design shine, and the stand-out fashion style makes the whole design shine. The series design adds a dynamic feel .

【CLASSIC style series】

Diana's classic style is full of fairy tale-like classic stories. The designer uses noble and gorgeous rubies to interpret the extraordinary temperament of Princess Diana; this classic design brings to others a female image of charm, confidence and independence, and exudes A kind of refined British style.

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