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Dreamy Series Highlights

Walking into the colorful space that shines with dazzling rainbow light is like being in a dreamland. A colorful series with eye-catching colors extracted from natural gemstones and precision cutting.

We collect natural treasures from all over the world, carefully select natural hauni in a variety of bright colors, and carefully carve them into princess-cut gemstones of uniform size.
The classic seamless force-set ring style is cast by skillful hands and combined with precise gem cutting technology to perfectly weave the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky without leaving any gaps between the gems.

Diverse color combinations and endless changes lead to endless possibilities. Craftsmen carefully match colored gemstones into rainbow and gradient color effects, and set them in different gold colors to create a vivid visual effect.

Can be matched with rings of different tones at the same time・Freely match single or different gradient tones・Double rainbow stacking・Matching with the same gemstone tone or different gold colors・Rainbow plus gradient matching


Exquisite decorative box packaging

All jewelry pieces come with a beautiful jewelry box to give you the best protection for your precious treasures. The jewelry box has a beautiful appearance, making it elegant and appropriate whether it is for a festive gift or even a proposal.

Use natural materials

WILLS JEWELLERY only uses natural gemstones sent directly from the origin, and has on-site appraisers to ensure that all incoming materials meet the store's most stringent quality requirements.

Handmade in Hong Kong

Combining traditional Hong Kong craftsmanship with modern aesthetic concepts, craftsmen carefully craft the jewelry into unique works of art.

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