WILLS world

WILLS JEWELLERY is the messenger of love. The brand contains the positioning appeal of romance, joy, dream, youth, nature and intimacy. WILLS is the messenger of love. We carefully create jewelry that can speak, letting jewelry speak for the deep memories and love.

WILLS concept

WILLS hopes to provide guests with thoughtful wedding jewelry designs, using traditional top-grade jewelry craftsmanship to create unique sweet memories and express the intimate relationship between people. We are passionate about exploring the language of gemstones, blending jewelry design and touching love stories to bring true smiles to lovers.


lifelong commitment

Love needs to be protected throughout your life. Likewise, we promise you a lifetime guarantee and service commitment.

Free exquisite gift packaging service
In order to meet customers' needs for weddings, gifts, diamond jewelry maintenance, etc., every item sold by WILLS JEWELLERY is beautifully packaged, including exquisite gift boxes, certificates, etc.

Free cleaning
We recommend that you perform professional cleaning and care on your jewelry once a year. Customers only need to go to our company's store in person. Once the jewelry is confirmed to be produced by our company, they will enjoy lifetime free cleaning service.

Renovation services
If customers require additional repairs or product maintenance, please contact us for enquiries.

Change the ring bracelet
Welcome to email us at info@wills.hk or call us at +852 3571 9629 for enquiries. Our service hours are from 11 am to 7:30 pm from Monday to Friday ( excluding public holidays ) .

(5)Jewelry redesign service
Products purchased from our company are entitled to style redesign service.

Diamond and Gemstone Appraisal Services Our company can provide gemstone appraisal services for customers at designated or recognized jewelry appraisal centers.


Diamond 4Cs

Diamonds contain innate natural beauty. Our mission is to adopt more stringent diamond quality standards than the 4Cs and select the highest quality diamonds among GIA diamonds based on customer requirements.


WILLS 5C – Critic

WILLS JEWELLERY 's criteria for carefully selecting diamonds for you are not limited to the 4Cs . Diamonds are natural minerals and cannot be described in words. Our appraisers will personally use instruments to select diamonds with the highest sparkle for customers, striving to select the highest quality diamonds within the 4C standards for customers to purchase. They will use a professional perspective to criticize the quality of diamonds and tell customers that they are worthy of the certificate. Reference place.