Choose ring size

The most accurate way to know your ring size is to measure the inner diameter of the ring that you wear regularly and that feels comfortable.

How to measure the inner diameter of a ring

  1. Please first draw a circle along the inner ring of the ring with a pencil

  2. Then measure the diameter of the circle using a ruler

  3. to get the correct length of diameter

  4. Use the international ring size chart to calculate the correct ring size

  5. WILLS JEWELLERY uses Hong Kong circle ( Hong Kong degree)

WILLS practical tips

Before deciding on the size of a ring to purchase, consider several environmental and practical factors. When estimating your or your partner's ring size, consider the larger size as it is easier to size down.

average ring size

The average ring size for Asian ladies is Hong Kong degree 8-16, which is directly proportional to the body's bone size (height) and body shape. Usually, the ring size for women with a height of 150cm-160cm is Hong Kong degree 8-11; the ring size for women with a height of 160cm-170cm is Hong Kong degree 10-15; the ring size for women with height above 170cm is Hong Kong degree 14 or above.

different times of day

Dusk is an ideal time to measure your finger size. Most people's fingers are largest at dusk and thinner in the morning. Measure yourself or your partner's ring size at dusk to ensure a comfortable fit.

different times of year

The fingers change with temperature, so the size can change depending on the weather. Cold winter weather can cause fingers to shrink, while summer or warm, humid weather can cause them to swell. Avoid taking hand measurements in very cold or hot weather.

Swelling and contraction of fingers

Exercise, edema, pregnancy, aging, and arthritis can all affect the size of your fingers. WILLS JEWELLERY recommends that when purchasing a style with wider hoops, consider sizing up half a size to make it more comfortable to wear.

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