Shopping Points Program

In order to thank all customers for their long-term support, WILLS JEWELLERY grandly launches a member shopping points program, allowing fans to earn points while shopping happily and enjoy various shopping discounts!

Becoming a member can not only earn cash points for use, but also redeem different gifts and participate in VIP activities prepared for everyone.

Act now and apply to become a WILLS member!

Fellowship level

Fellowship level conditions met Exclusive offers


Register as a member and subscribe to WILLS newsletter

Get a one-time 50% discount on regular-priced items for your next purchase, and enjoy "$1 = 1 W Points" for your purchase


Spend HK$10,000 or more in one time, or spend HK$20,000 in one year

In addition to a one-time 10% discount on regular-priced items for your next purchase, you can also enjoy double points on purchases


A one-time spending of HK$35,000 or a cumulative spending of HK$70,000 within one year

In addition to a one-time 20% discount on regular-priced items for your next purchase, you can also earn three times the points for your purchases


One-time spending of $125,000 or cumulative spending of $250,000 within one year

In addition to a one-time 30% discount on regular-priced items for your next purchase, you can also earn four times the points for your purchases

How to get points?

In addition to earning points when shopping, WILLS members can also earn points through different actions!

Earn points with shopping <br>Once you register as a "Silver" member, you can earn points while shopping. You can earn 1 W Points (points) for every $1 spent on regular-priced goods. As the amount of consumption increases, the membership level will also increase accordingly, and the points earned will also increase in multiples.

Earn Points by Mobile <br>In addition to earning points through consumption, WILLS JEWELLERY also provides different methods for you to "earn points happily for free".

action Points reward

Shopping/pre-order (the reward ratio will be different depending on the membership level. Points reward is only applicable to regular-priced items)

$1 = 1 W Point

Share on social platforms

1600 W Points

Limited time offer - Complete membership information

4000 W Points

Share your favorite jewelry list

2400 W Points

Subscribe to WILLS newsletter

1600 W Points

Follow Instagram

1600 W Points

Write a review (can only be filled in by customers who have successfully purchased the product)

4000 W Points

How to use points?

Use cash for shopping <br>After earning points, you can select the rewards you want to redeem in the "Points Rewards" app on the lower left. After successful redemption, please enter the corresponding discount code on the checkout page to deduct the payment amount. All points can also be earned and used simultaneously in the store. Please note that only one offer can be used at a time. The redeemed offer can be used within 90 days and will be invalid after the expiration date.

Current designated redemption offers:
4,000 points = $50 cash coupon
8,000 points = $100 cash coupon
24,000 points = $300 cash voucher
40,000 points = $500 cash voucher

Redeem gifts
Our store launches limited-time gifts from time to time, allowing members to redeem them with points. Please pay attention to our latest announcement for details.

There will be surprise discounts during some festivals, please pay attention to the latest trends in our store!

Member benefits

birthday treat
WILLS JEWELLERY has prepared a special surprise for you on your most celebrated day of the year! Anyone who purchases at WILLS JEWELLERY on your birthday will enjoy a one-time 30% discount on regular-priced items! There is also a mysterious gift shhhh...!

VIP event <br>Friends share their experience in jewelry art at an event held at WILLS JEWELLERY

Holiday Gifts <br>Every year, there are always many happy holidays to spend with you. WILLS JEWELLERY hopes to share this little joy with you.

Terms and Conditions

Getting points
1. All special offers, loose stones and customized products cannot earn points.
2. Points are valid for one year and will be forfeited if expired.

Using points
1. Points in the system can be used for all goods, regardless of regular price or special price.
2. Points can be used simultaneously in online stores and retail stores
3. Points can be used to redeem rewards. For details, please click "Points Rewards" on the lower left
4. Each reward has a specific period and will be invalid after the expiration date. Please use it promptly.
5. Only one discount can be used for each transaction, and the discounts cannot be used at the same time.

Membership level
1. The membership is valid for two years (except for "Silver" level)
2. "Silver" level means permanent membership. If you want to cancel your membership, you can contact our store directly for processing.
3. During the validity period of the membership, you only need to spend half of the amount required for the corresponding level to automatically renew the membership.
4. If you fail to spend the specified amount during the validity period of the membership, renew the membership

Membership benefits
1. The membership level first purchase discount is only applicable to regular priced items.
2. Member birthday discounts must be applied on the birthday and are only applicable to regular-priced items.