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"WILLS 3.30 Live"

Colored Jewelry Appreciation·Mayday Game Winners Announced

📅 30/3/2023 Thursday🕓 20:30pm
🎥 Facebook Live

I'm so happy that I can hear Mayday's concert next month!!! Wills fans and friends, what are you looking forward to? In addition to announcing the winners of the Mayday game during this 3.30 live broadcast, another focus is that store manager Pinky will take everyone into the colorful world of colored gems to find out what color gems everyone likes! 🌈

WILLS has also prepared a variety of colored diamond styles for everyone that are worthy of appreciation, ensuring that they are of high quality and have investment value🌟. Friends who have watched our LIVE in the past will know that there will be a series of discounts for everyone during the live broadcast🥳, so remember to mark the time to watch the live broadcast!

"WILL you ♥ Poland?" A closer look at Poland and amber

📅 28/7/2022 Thursday🕓 9:00pm
🎥 Facebook Live

This month, WILLS JEWELLERY will "Fly me to Europe" with you, taking you on a tour of different European-style buildings and retro accessories. Do you feel like you are in Europe? It’s the last week of July and we are about to enter the climax of the event! In this live broadcast, Nancy Chui, the founder of "Love ♥ Poland" was invited to share the customs and customs of Poland, a country filled with ancient European style.
Speaking of Poland, what about the precious fossil "Amber" that has been formed over millions of years? As the home of amber, Poland accounts for 70% of the world's amber jewelry production. On the evening of the live broadcast, the store manager will share with Nancy the secrets of purchasing amber, and introduce new amber jewelry styles made locally in Poland and delivered directly to Hong Kong! Each piece of jewelry is handmade by local Polish craftsmen, and the design is full of European style, so remember to pay special attention!
In addition, there will be a prize-winning quiz game that night, and the fan who answers the question the fastest will receive a "Polish-made handmade amber tree" handmade by local craftsmen!
🌟Live broadcast highlights🌟
Natural amber~Expert explanation💁‍♀️
Nancy Chui, the founder of Poland's "Love ♥ Poland", personally explains the characteristics of amber and the secret of selecting amber.
New products on the shelves~Limited time offer🛒
The limited-time amber jewelry series shipped directly from Poland will be available simultaneously, and there will be additional discounts during the live broadcast to reward fans for their support!
Polish customs and customs~ Appreciate them carefully🥂
In addition to Polish amber jewelry, local specialties are also introduced to everyone. Fans who like to visit Europe should not miss it. During the LIVE broadcast, there will be limited special discounts. If you see the product you like, don’t hesitate and take it home immediately!
Q&A with prizes~ Instant gift giving🎁
There will be two quizzes with prizes in this live broadcast, and a "Polish Handmade Amber Tree (S)" will be given away.

Nancy Chui, founder of "Love ♥ Poland"

Made in Poland•Handmade amber tree(S)

"Sapphire·Origin Revealed" Store Manager Live Broadcast

📅 29/6/2022 Wednesday🕓 9:00pm
🎥 Facebook Live

I hear people say all the time: "Where is the origin of this sapphire?" For sapphires with endlessly changing colors, what decisive impact does the origin have on the quality and even the color of the stone? How do certification agencies and professional gemstone players estimate the origin of sapphires through the characterization of gemstones? Dear sapphire lovers, don’t miss Qianqi’s store manager Pinky personally revealing the mystery of the origin of sapphires with you!

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"Men Love Beauty" Father's Day celebration live broadcast

📅 9/6/2022 Thursday 🕓 9:00pm
🎥 Facebook Live

When it comes to loving beauty, isn’t it just women? Men can dress up too! The third Sunday in June is the annual Father's Day. This live broadcast specially invites Lubee, the store manager of the upstart men's fashion "Hong Kong Handmade Claypot Specialty Store ~ ​​BOWTIE SHOP HK", to share with you some men's attire. What a great experience. I will show you the secrets of men’s formal attire on the spot.

In addition, the highlight of the night was the unique recommendation of men’s jewelry! If you plan to buy Father's Day gifts to satisfy your father and husband, don't miss this live broadcast! !

Lubee Chak
Founder of Bowtie Shop HK

Colorful Tourmaline Tourmaline

📅 26/5/2022 Thursday🕓 9:00pm
🎥 Facebook Live

Tourmaline, whose Chinese name is tourmaline and also known as tourmaline, is a cyclic borosilicate mineral gemstone containing boron. It is famous in the jewelry industry for its very diverse colors. Each different color represents a different origin and unique mineral composition. Shop owner Pinky will take you to explore this colorful gemstone. What is its value? The most important thing is [how to choose tourmaline worth collecting]? On the night of the live broadcast, the king of tourmalines, Paraiba Tourmaline, also debuted for the first time in our store! Fans who like Tiffany Blue should not miss it!

In addition to tourmalines, is there a mysterious guest who would like to share with you the colored diamond styles that have frequently appeared on Facebook recently? If you want to know the latest colored diamond styles, remember to mark the time and watch the live broadcast!

Mother's Day Special Offers Live Broadcast

Which day of the year is mommy’s favorite day to show off? In addition to my own birthday, it must be Mother’s Day once a year! In order to thank all the hard-working mothers, the store manager of this live broadcast has prepared a variety of jewelry for everyone, including gemstones, diamonds, and rare pearl jewelry. There is a unique one Your lining! All specially selected styles will have additional limited-time discounts on the day of the live broadcast, so don’t miss it!
In addition to the Mother's Day series, the store manager has also prepared mysterious new jewelry for everyone to appreciate. Who is it? But first, if you want to know more, remember to join the live broadcast on May 5th!

"SPINEL Afternoon" spinel appreciation live broadcast

At 3:03 in the afternoon, in addition to black tea, there is also Spinel to accompany everyone 😉!
Just before the Easter holiday on Thursday, 14/4, Pinky, the store manager of WILLS JEWELLLERY, is ready to enjoy the delicious tea and appreciate the colorful spinels with all her fans🌈. What exactly is spinel? What’s so attractive about this colorful gemstone? How is it different from other gemstones? How to choose high-quality spinel with investment value (how important😍!)? We will explain it to everyone one by one. Of course, there are a lot of bonuses, and there are also special recommendations from the store manager! Pinky has prepared several collections for everyone to appreciate carefully, and we will help the neighbors with a limited-time ultra-low price! Note that for a limited time, the super discount will only be effective during the live broadcast period, so don’t be polite🛒!
In addition to spinel appreciation, we will also share with you the latest Easter promotions of WILLS, as well as the ✨2022 second season new express delivery🚛. This time we will introduce several types of diamond earrings for everyone to buy! Want to know how many discounts are available? Come to the live broadcast and you will know the answer!
PS Remember to make a nice pot of tea and taste it slowly together🫖!

"Gold, Purple, Silver and Green" Gemstone Appreciation Live Broadcast

In ancient times, dignitaries liked to wear gold seals and purple ribbons or silver seals and green ribbons to show their unique and distinguished status. Seeing that everyone loved purple and cyan gemstones during the last live broadcast, WILLS took advantage of this and prepared purple and cyan gemstones for everyone to appreciate together. We hope that everyone will be equally generous and dignified when wearing our beautiful jewelry and enhance their personal appearance. taste! This time, the shop owner Pinky decided to open her private gem warehouse and introduce a series of special gems and finished products to everyone. Every piece is carefully selected. She hopes that she can increase her knowledge of gems while appreciating the gems online. In addition to surprise offers, there will also be a grand finale draw! Little fans who love purple and green shouldn’t miss it!

The Garden new style unboxing live broadcast

There are so many live broadcasts with great discounts and lots of learnings that he can’t wait for him to stop! This time, the store manager Pinky has prepared many pairs of carefully selected diamonds and colored gemstones for all fans to enjoy online appreciation together. Pinky will also tell you about the most popular gemstone colors at that time. Of course, We have a series of discounts for everyone! !

The Garden new style unboxing live broadcast

The Garden series, which has always been very popular among fans, has new products launched! The feature of this new model is the use of a variety of twisted lines to shuttle between precious diamonds and gemstones of various sizes and shapes, creating a very diverse range of characteristic line rings. In addition, fine beaded handcrafts are added to the twisted lines, giving the design a more romantic and retro feel. The owner Pinky will unbox and appreciate these finely crafted works online with everyone. At that time, Zhong will discuss the craftsmanship of handmade jewelry with everyone. If fans have any questions about craftsmanship, remember to ask them over the afternoon tea!


New Year's Eve, fans, apart from buying a beautiful shirt to celebrate the New Year, have you ever thought that wearing jewelry can enhance your luck? Different jewelry has its own five elements, so there is definitely knowledge in how to wear it! On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year (4/2/2022), WILLS JEWELLERY invites "Five Elements and Eight Characters Numerology Expert - Su Jiachun (Master Su)" to partner with store manager Pinky to share the secrets with everyone!

A New Year's lottery was held at the same venue, and the store manager specially selected two color "Red Spinels" to give away to fans who participated in the LIVE broadcast! Let’s celebrate the Year of the Tiger happily together!

Proficient in numerology - Su Jiachun (Master Su)

New Year’s Extra Lucky Draw – “Red Spinel”

The mystery behind the mutual reinforcement and restraint of the colors of the five elements

Jewelry represented by the five elements

Representative of fire attribute - ruby

Big "Red" Big Purple·Ruby Diamond Ring
18K white gold ruby ​​0.58ct diamond 0.34ct

Representative of wood attribute - emerald

"Six Six" Infinity• Emerald Diamond Ring
18K white gold emerald 0.51ct diamond 0.19ct

Representative of water attribute - sapphire

Out of blue • Sapphire and diamond ring
18K white gold sapphire 0.55ct diamond 0.19ct

Metallic representative - golden pearl

Representative of earth attribute - topaz

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