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Since ancient times, green gemstones have occupied an extraordinary position in precious luxury goods in different eras. Whether it is the precious and gorgeous Green Diamond , the familiar Emerald , or the upstart Tsavorite gemstone in recent years, all are green. An indispensable member of the family.


Copper Green

Electric green

Neon Green

lotus leaf green

Lotus Green

Palace green

Royal Green


Soft Green

Copper Green

The origin of the copper-green color is the color obtained by "oxidation" caused by the metal surface being exposed to the air for many years. Copper-green is widely used all over the world. For example, ancient Chinese handicrafts, the Statue of Liberty in the United States, and Japanese shrines all like to use this color.

Representative gemstones: Green Diamond, Emerald (Columbian)

Oval cut emerald ring (produced in Colombia)
Columbian Green Emerald

Intense green diamond

Fancy Intense Green Diamond

Emerald cut loose emerald stone (produced in Colombia)
Columbian Green Emerald

turquoise tourmaline
Green Tourmaline

Intense blue-green diamond
Fancy Intense Bluish Green Diamond

Pear-shaped emerald earrings (produced in Colombia)

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"Bihu Galaxy·Green Diamond Ring"

Urban people often look at electronic products, do their eyes often feel tired?
Now why don't you look at more green things, such as this green diamond ring, which will immediately make your eyes feel fresh and comfortable!

"Natural Yellow Diamond Green Diamond Showdown"

Yellow and green often give people a feeling of freshness and closeness to nature, but what special feeling will there be when applied to jewelry design? Let the following yellow-green diamond showdown give you a little visual impact!

Copper Green • Available now

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Tahitian silver gray pearl emerald ring - WILLS JEWELLERY

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Copper Green • Customized styles

Neon Green

Electric green is a bright green that is often used as one of the bright colors in decoration or visual design. This color is often highly saturated and is used extensively in many different pieces of jewelry. Electric green is a lively, bright and vibrant color that is often used to create a modern and edgy look.

Representative gemstones: Green Diamond, Paraiba Tourmaline, Aquamarine

Neon Green Aquamarine

Neon Green Emerald

Neon Green Paraiba

Natural blue green diamond Bluish Green Diamond

Neon Green Emerald Round Emerald

Icy Green Tourmaline

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" Incomparably Expensive Electric Green Diamond Ring "

The rarity of green diamonds is definitely no less than that of pink diamonds. Compared with other green gems, they add a unique brilliance of diamonds. Fan Ms. P has always been pursuing sparkling jewelry. When she saw this green diamond ring, she couldn't put it down immediately!

Electric Green Neon Green • Available now

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1.61ct Natural Neon Blue Oval Paraiba Tourmaline - WILLS JEWELLERY

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2.40ct natural rectangular light green tourmaline - WILLS JEWELLERY

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Lotus Green Lotus Green

Lotus leaf green is a kind of dark green mid-tone in color science. It is often used in the design field and can be used to express nature, health, vitality and innovation. In addition, lotus leaf green is often used in the field of emotional, psychological or cross-cultural communication. It can represent balance, harmony, tolerance and a positive spirit.

In design, lotus leaf green is often used in conjunction with other herbal, natural tones, such as chartreuse, dark orange, brown, and gray, to increase visual hierarchy and create a sense of harmony. Lotus leaf green can also be used as the main color alone, paired with neutral black, white or gray to make the overall design more stable and natural.

Representative gemstones: Green Sapphire & Emerald

Unheated Green Sapphire

Bi-colour Green Sapphire

Vivid Green Emerald

Premium Un-oiled Emerald

Rectangular cut, Green Sapphire

Bi-colour Green Sapphire

Lotus Green • Available now

0.68ct Natural Unfired Kite Cut Green Sapphire - WILLS JEWELLERY

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Lotus Green • Customized styles

JUST・European style vintage small octagonal green sapphire ring - WILLS JEWELLERY

1.08ct natural egg-shaped green sapphire - WILLS JEWELLERY

1.13ct natural unfired round green sapphire (with certificate) - WILLS JEWELLERY

"Dreamy" Ocean Tone Sapphire Ring (Rose Gold) - WILLS JEWELLERY

Natural unfired green sapphire diamond ring - WILLS JEWELLERY

"Dreamy" Ocean Tone Sapphire Ring (White Gold) - WILLS JEWELLERY

Royal Green Royal Green

"Palace Green" is a deep green hue often associated with luxury, class and power. This green hue originated from the British royal court nobility, so it is also called court green.

Representative gemstones: Tsavorite, Emerald (produced in Colombia and Zambia)

Premium Tsavorite Garnet

Natural "Colombian Muzo" oil-free emerald Muzo Un-oiled Emerald

Vivid Green Emerald (Zambia)

Tsavorite Garnet (Kenya)

Muzo Emerald (Rough)

Tsavroite Garnet (Rough)

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" Retro style egg-shaped unfired tsavorite ring "

Speaking of green, how can we not mention the famous "Gem Saint" Tsavorite? It has an unparalleled deep green color like a lush grassland, adding an extraordinary refreshing pleasure to ladies in this hot summer!

Royal Green • Available now

1.01ct natural pillow-shaped tsavorite - WILLS JEWELLERY

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1.11ct natural pear-shaped tsavorite - WILLS JEWELLERY

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Oval tsavorite beaded diamond pendant - WILLS JEWELLERY

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Small flower ball tsavorite ring diamond ring - WILLS JEWELLERY

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Royal Green • Customized styles

Vintage tsavorite diamond earrings - WILLS JEWELLERY

1.04ct natural cushion-shaped tsavorite (with certificate) - WILLS JEWELLERY

Soft Green

Baby green is a soft green tone that has a certain freshness and lightness to it. It is similar in color to the tender green grass leaves and buds in nature, giving people a peaceful and gentle feeling. Light green is usually used to express concepts such as health, vitality, peace, life and environmental protection. Light green is a color full of life and vitality, mild, natural and fresh.

Representative gemstones: Green Diamond, Peridot, Demantoid

Intense yellow-toned green diamond
Fancy Intense Yellowish Green Diamond

Intense yellow-green diamond
Fancy Vivid Yellow-Green Diamond

yellow green diamond

Fancy Yellow-Green Diamond


Different cuts of peridot
Different cuts of Peridot

Peridot set in diamond ring

Peridot on a Diamond Ring

Demantoid garnet symbol horsetail
Demantoid with Signature Horsetail

About tender green gemstones

【Gemstone Knowledge】Green Stone of Happiness ~ Peridot

Peridot - is a silicate of magnesium and iron. It is not found on the surface of the earth. It also appears on some meteorites, the moon, Mars and some comets. Its green color is reminiscent of the green olive fruit, hence the name...

Soft Green • Available now

1.04ct natural unfired emerald cut blue-green two-color sapphire (with certificate) - WILLS JEWELLERY

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3.55ct natural cushion peridot - WILLS JEWELLERY

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4.70ct natural egg-shaped peridot - WILLS JEWELLERY

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Soft Green • Customized styles

4.02ct natural cushion peridot - WILLS JEWELLERY

3.39ct natural pear-shaped peridot - WILLS JEWELLERY

18K White Gold Natural 0.97ct Asscher Burmese Peridot Diamond Ring - WILLS JEWELLERY

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[May Birthstone—The History and Allusions of Emerald]

Emerald is one of the four internationally recognized gemstones (the four major gemstones include rubies, sapphires and diamonds in addition to emeralds). However, the geological conditions for the formation of emeralds are more complex and special than rubies and sapphires, so the output is also higher. few.

[Emerald loved by celebrities]

The Old Testament records that Christians at that time believed that emeralds (emeralds) were a symbol of rebirth and had divine power because they were associated with the resurrection of Jesus. Indians worship emeralds very much, believing that they can bring good luck and happiness. They are proud to own an emerald, and the royal family even has a large collection of priceless emeralds.

[Emerald (Emerald) Selection Knowledge and Gemstone Rating]

Whether emeralds (emeralds) are good or beautiful, you can actually first look at whether you like the color, and then whether the style suits your eyes. If you want to know more about the rating of emeralds, you can look at its color, clarity, weight, Start with several aspects such as processing and origin.

[The Saint among Gems ~ Tsavorite (Tsavorite) Tasting]

Tsavorite is a rare variety of bright green garnet. It was discovered by geologists in the late 1960s . In the early 1970s , Tiffany & Co. named this gem Tsavorite and promoted it to the world . world. Compared with emerald, Tsavorite has stronger luster, higher hardness, and purer, and its output is also scarce. It is the new darling of the green gemstone series and is known as the " Saint among Gems . "