WILLS JEWELLERY【Natural South Sea Gold Pearl Series】

WILLS JEWELLERY【Natural South Sea Gold Pearl Series】

1. The Origin of South Sea Pearls and Golden Pearls

South Sea pearls are generally produced from two types of mother oysters, the white butterfly oyster and the golden butterfly oyster. The white butterfly oyster produces white South Sea pearls, and the golden lip oyster produces golden South Sea pearls, which some people call golden pearls. South Sea pearls are round, pure, large, and have innate natural beauty. They do not need to rely on artificial processing such as bleaching and dyeing like other pearls. It is the combination of all these qualities that makes South Sea pearls so unique.
The color of a pearl is mainly determined by the color of nacre secreted by its mother oyster. The golden pearls we often refer to generally refer to South Sea golden pearls. South Sea golden pearls are referred to as "golden pearls" and are a type of South Sea pearls. The mother-of-pearl that produces natural golden pearls is a golden-lipped oyster that secretes golden nacre.

2. The Cultivation of Golden South Sea Pearls

Golden pearls are produced from the golden lip oyster, which is the largest individual, so the size of the cultivated South Sea golden pearls is also very large. The formation of a high-quality gold pearl requires more than 5 years of cultivation time, excluding the time to cultivate the shellfish. In addition, the mother oyster has high environmental requirements and is very easy to die during the cultivation process. Therefore, the output of South Sea golden pearls is very few. In the past two years, as more and more people have joined the pursuit of golden pearls, due to environmental pollution, there are fewer and fewer waters suitable for the growth of golden pearls. In addition, some pearl farmers have given up on the farming industry, and the supply of golden pearls has declined while consumers' appetite for pearls has declined. Demand rose, however, so that within four years the price of golden pearls had tripled.


The golden pearls WILLS chooses are produced from golden-lipped oyster-shaped pearls. The pearls produced are also large and plump, with a diameter of 9mm or more. Pearls with plump and sleek shapes are more in line with the standards of high-end jewelry. A lustrous and dazzling golden South Sea pearl perfectly matched with a halo of diamonds, set in 18k rose gold. Perfect for day or night, pearl earrings are suitable for daily wear or for weddings, dinners and gifts.

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