Freshwater Pearl Knowledge

As the name suggests, freshwater pearls are pearls cultured in inland freshwater. Freshwater mother-of-pearls are generally grown in captivity in rivers and lakes. The growth environment is relatively stable and they can produce 10-30 pearls at a time. WILLS JEWELLERY Freshwater cultured round pearls are of the highest quality and make a premium pearl gift at an affordable price. These pearls look very similar to Japanese Akoya cultured pearls when worn, but are much cheaper.

Freshwater pearl quality (AAAA-AA, top to bottom)

Most freshwater pearls are produced in China, and generally have high yields and fast growth. Since freshwater pearls are seedless, perfectly round freshwater pearls are relatively rare and precious. We undergo rigorous and professional inspections for each pearl, and the quality of the pearls can meet the requirements of natural smoothness, perfect round shape, bright luster and rich colors. To give these pearls outstanding value, we provide excellent pearl quality and exquisite craftsmanship, and set them with 18k white gold posts and clasps.

Although freshwater pearls are very similar in appearance to Japanese Akoya cultured pearls, the price of freshwater pearls is almost one-fifth of Japanese Akoya cultured pearls. The only trade-offs are that freshwater pearls are generally lighter in color, less symmetrical, and the individual pearls fit together less well in the strand. However, if you want to buy pearls at the best price, freshwater pearls are the perfect gift choice.