WILLS JEWELLERY【Perfect Diamond Cut Sapphire Limited Edition Diamond Jewelry】

WILLS JEWELLERY once again purchased rare lavender-colored [perfect diamond-cut sapphires] from Sri Lanka for fans, and set them into simple and elegant seasonal limited edition diamond jewelry.

The dazzling sapphires are made using the 58-facet diamond craftsmanship and are set in a simple and elegant surrounding stone design. The seasonal limited edition set is subject to availability. Due to the custom-made size, it takes about 4 weeks to order.

18K White Gold Perfect Diamond Cut Sapphire Limited Edition Set
Sapphire and diamond earrings HKD$3,880 (original price HKD$4,680)
Sapphire and diamond bracelet HKD$2,400 (original price HKD$3,380) 
Sapphire and Diamond Choker Necklace HKD$3,600 (original price HKD$4,590)

More knowledge about sapphire diamond cutting: https://wills.hk/blogs/wills-blog/v-day-diamondcutsapphire

WILLS JEWELLERY carefully creates your only one for you

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