Japanese Akoya Pearl Knowledge

Japanese Akoya cultured pearls are a specialty of Japanese pearl farms.
The body color of Akoya pearls is pink-white, and most of them are round. The more perfect the round shape, the higher the value. If it has a pink color, the value is even higher. The mother oysters that culture Akoya pearls are smaller in size, and the size of the cultured pearls ranges from 2mm to 10mm, while the price of Akoya pearls over 8mm is higher. Akoya pearls smaller than 6mm are also very rare.

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Seawater pearls are mother-of-pearl. The special structure results in only one pearl being produced in a lifetime. Therefore, they are rounder, denser, and more crystal clear and moist. After careful cultivation and appropriate seawater conditioning, the surface of Akoya pearls is covered with a layer of fine calcium crystals, giving them the strongest luster and iridescence, making the light appear long-lasting and sharp, making customers wear our pearls. The jewelry is very eye-catching. WILLS JEWELLERY only uses perfectly round and flawless AA-AAAA grade Akoya pearls. Each pearl is carefully selected by our store to ensure that the quality meets our most stringent requirements.