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      Lifetime Guarantee

      WILLS JEWELLERY are committed to providing our customers with Lifetime guarantee:


      -7 Days Money Back Guarantee

      -Jewellery cleaning

      -Jewellery polishing

      -Ring Size adjustment

      -Jewellery redesign

      -Secure Payment System

      -Diamond Upgrade Program

      -Diamond and Gems Grading Service

      -O2O (Online to Online) service: browse virtual product online & see actual product office at showroom


      >Learn more (Link to After Sales Service)



      Design Your Love Languages

      WILLS JEWELLERY enjoy superior jewellery craftsmanship, artworks, fashion and intimate relationship with customers, thus introducing love language of gemstones that combines jewellery design and love story to please your lovers.


      True Love Color

      Each fancy diamond and gemstone embodies specific meaning. You can choose a colored stone to be mounted on the inner ring – a secret love story with your beloved one.


      Free Engraving Service

      Love message can be explicitly engraved on the jewellery for a special meaning to your beloved one. Initials or anniversary date is always the choice for a memorable message.



      4Cs of Diamonds

      Diamonds are commonly valued by the 4Cs: Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. The higher the grading of 4Cs is rated, the more value the diamond will be.


      The 5th C of WILLS – Critic

      WILLS JEWELLERY specialists will examine the diamond for you and put forward our professional Critic beyond the ordinary 4Cs. Every diamond introduced by WILLS JEWELLERY will come with a WILLS Critic, summarizing the Unique Selling Point(USP) on top of the generic 4Cs