"Ten Thousand Mosquitoes▪ Which one should I buy?" 》

Suddenly there are 10,000 mosquitoes in your wallet, why not buy them for yourself or the people around you?

WILLS JEWELLERY has specially selected 10,000 yuan worth of jewelry and discount packages, so that everyone can share this extra joy with their loved ones!

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This ring is surrounded by 7 brilliant rubies surrounded by intertwined diamonds. The exquisite craftsmanship shows luxurious color, giving it a noble and elegant feeling.

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The aquamarine color is natural and pure, emitting fresh icy blue light under the summer sun. The extra-large oval ice-blue aquamarine is surrounded by a shining halo of micropavé diamonds. The simple design highlights the gentle and agile sky-blue color of the aquamarine itself. The overall earrings are classic, simple, fashionable and elegant, low-key yet a little luxurious. Paired with the same style of pendant, they are guaranteed to become a spring that cleanses the soul during the dinner.

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A retro design three-stone ring with emerald as the main stone; the Emerald Cut, named after the emerald, retains the largest area and simple essence of the main stone. The three emeralds are surrounded by diamonds in a layered step shape. The inlay triples the clear green color of the gemstone without forgetting its gorgeous nature. The carvings under the gemstone inlay are retro and beautiful, making it generous, decent, elegant and moving at any banquet.

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The high main diamond is set in a spiral shape, and the sparkling diamonds are carefully surrounded by a carving frame, and then connected by a full heart-shaped white gold bracelet. The bracelet is light and cheerful, definitely a cool breeze on a sunny spring day. Wearing it to meet your good sisters will definitely make you coveted!

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The classic modern round diamond is inlaid on the charming snake bone chain. Under the rendering of 18K gold, the bracelet is noble and gorgeous. It is completely full of the unique pride of modern women, as well as the exquisite and refreshing character. Wear it, you can Don't be reluctant to take it off...

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